LadyBugs and your indoor garden

Army of LadyBugs

Ladybugs are a preferred choice of many who engage in “bug warfare” to rid their indoor garden of pests. These predators like to feed on many different soft-bodied insects.

They will eat insects such as mealybugs, spidermites, the Colorado Potato Beetle and the European Corn Borer but aphids are their main source of food. One larva can eat about 400 aphids. One adult can consume about 5,000 aphids in it’s lifetime.

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Ozone in the Grow Room

Ozone as a sanitizer

Using ozone is a great way to help you keep a clean and sanitary grow room.

Good “housekeeping” like sweeping and picking up spills can go along way, but some times we need to do a littler extra to keep the growing area bacteria and disease free.

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How to get rid of spider mites

When Spider Mites Attack

Spider mites are small bugs that will suck your plants dry. They can quickly become a problem for any indoor gardener. Warm, dry temperatures create the perfect climate for the spider mite’s reproductive cycle. These small bugs can over run your garden and suck the life out of your plants in no time flat.

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