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Complete Seedling Germination Kit with Grow Light and Stand

  • Electrical (light, heat mat): 65 watts total, approx. .5 amps @ 120v
  • Includes: AgroMax 2′ Light Stand, HTG Supply 2’/2-lamp T5 grow light with (2) 2′ 6400K horticultural T5HO bulbs, and HTG Supply seed starter kit with heat mat, humidity dome, and floating seed starter with seed plugs
  • Light features built-in 6′ power cord with standard-household grounded plug (NEMA 5-15)
  • 7″ large humidity dome features 2 adjustable vents for humidity control
  • Super easy assembly ; Assembled system overall measurements: 26″ long x 18.25″ wide x 26.5″ high

Everything you need for seed-starting success is included here in the convenient and compact HTG Supply seed starter station. No hardware installation hassle – no overwatering/underwatering risk – no messy soil cells to deal with. The self-supporting lighting system sets up easily on the floor or tabletop, while the floating seed starter system ensures the perfect air/water ratio for germination and maintains ideal humidity levels. Just insert seeds, add a little water, and they’re off!

High-output, low power consumption, and low heat output make T5HO fluorescent fixtures perfect for seed starting and cloning. System includes 6400K horticultural bulbs, which provide the best light lighting spectrum for rapid vegetative growth. Light fixture hangs and adjusts in just seconds using light stand’s built-in adjustable hanger system.

The HTG Supply floating seed starter system is a sure-fire method for successful seed-starting. Included heat mat and 7” humidity dome create the perfect micro-environment to establish strong sprouts. All natural no-mess seed starter plugs are infused with a starter charge of nutrients, and transplant directly into soil or hydroponic systems when seedlings are ready. Just maintain water in the system, and you’ll be amazed at how fast they grow!