Olivia’s Cloning Gel


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  • Just Cut, Dip and Grow
  • 90%-100% Success Rate
  • Stimulates Rapid Root Development
  • Easier to Use Than Powders
  • Safe & Easy to Use
Brand Olivia’s
Item Weight 2 Ounces
Item Form Gel

Olivia’s Cloning Gel is the first and original plant cloning gel developed over 25 years ago for use in hydroponic cloning. Specifically formulated Olivia’s cloning gel stimulates rapid root development for all types of plants with 90%-100% success rate. This amazing rooting hormone gel can be used on all indoor and outdoor plants – be it ornamentals or any and all flowers, fruits and vegetables. It’s a concentrate so mix with your own water and feed daily. This rooting compound gel feeds new cuttings as they root and eliminate transplant shock for plants. Use Olivia’s cloning gel for stems, leaf, softwood, semi-hard and some hardwood cuttings. Available in 2oz, 4oz and 8oz bottles, Olivia’s rooting gel is manufactured using finest-quality ingredients. Note: No plant cloning gel should ever be ingested, see label for complete instructions on use.