CO2 Controller, Briidea Day and Night Programmable CO2 Controller and Monitor for Greenhouses


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With Remote CO2 Sensor

  • NDIR CO2 SENSOR: 2-channel low drift ndir CO2 sensor precisely reads CO2 ppm levels. With 6.56ft long sensor lets you quickly take readings from proper grow room locations
  • PROGRAMMABLE FUNCTION: 6 preset function of different setting ppm for specific period of time is achieved when run in automatic mode; User can set to turn off CO2 at a specified time such as when there is no light. User can also set desired CO2 level for different plants
  • EASY TO USE: Directly plug the CO2 generator or regulator in the controller piggyback plug, When the CO2 level is too low, the controller will turn on the CO2 generator or regulator. When the CO2 level is reached, the power is turned off, Save your time and trouble
  • SAFE AND RELIABLE DESIGN: 1800W allowing users to connect the controller to a higher-power appliance; UL-Listed components ensure the stable quality of the whole product’s safety
  • WIDELY USED: The CO2 Controller & Monitor can be used in greenhouse, growrooms, farm, hydroponic rooms and other places where elevated CO2 levels are used to maximize plant growth
Brand Briidea
Color White
Item Weight 320 Grams
Style Automatic,Greenhouse