8″ Dual Lamp AC Raptor Reflector


Size matters! You wanted bigger, broader, brighter light coverage . . . our engineers designed it and then doubled it with our Dual Raptor. This new mega reflector lets you double up your power options by using two bulbs at once. Mix and match sodium and halide and lower/higher wattage. Don't need such a large output? Switch down to single-bulb with the adjustable lamp holder. Maximum air cooling with built-in 8″ flanges.

Comes with two 15' cord sets, hinged frame, tempered glass and wire hangers.

• ADJUSTABLE – Change mounting positions easily
• MIX & MATCH SPECTRUMS – Sodium and halide, lower wattage/higher wattage
• BIGGER & BROADER – Run up to 2,000 watts in one reflector

SIZE: 11″H x 31″W x 41″L

Non CSA Certified.


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Weight 50 lbs