Hydrofarm SunRise Reflector Hanging System


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The Easy Glide light hanging kit is ideal for all your light and reflector hanging needs. It features easy push button and glide action to adjust your reflectors or lights for optimum performance. The all-metal construction features a 6 1/2 foot cable that holds up to 44 pounds per Easy Glider. Each package features 1 pair of Easy Gliders.

Hang reflectors with our easy one flip adjusting light toggle. Adjust hang height of the light with the growth rate of the plant. Makes control simple and efficient so you get better growth.

• Maximize growth with proper light position
• Easiest way to maintain optimum distance
• Includes hanging hooks, two SunRise hangers and instructions

Note: Not for use with the Aluminum Wing reflectors or the single T5 strip, because they do not weigh enough.

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Weight 1 lbs