Harvest Hero Hydroponic Perlite


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For Hydroponic Growing Systems, Indoor & Outdoor Plants, Root Cuttings, & Seedlings

OMRI-Listed and 100% Organic – Superior Soilless Substrate for Hydroponics (3 CF)

  • CANNOT SHIP TO CA, IL , MD, OR, and WI – Due to State Restrictions, Harvest Hero Hydroponic Perlite will not be shipped to these states. If your delivery address is in one of these states, your order will be canceled.
  • ALL NATURAL – Harvest Hero Hydroponic Perlite Substrate is an all-natural substrate that will not drain your budget. Its price is competitive with other media and can save on product cost while giving you 100% sterile growing medium for your plants.
  • HYDROPONIC SYSTEM – For the best result, set your plant at a convenient height so that the root system is reinforced. For even better performance, fill the container with our Hydroponic Perlite. Using this method with our product promises an increase in your plant vigor with oxygen uptake and superior water drainage.
  • RELIABLE AND NEUTRAL PH – Harvest Hero Hydroponic Perlite is made with 100% Perlite and with neutral pH—a reliable constant when mixing with organic materials. Using perlite for your plants will prevent soil compaction giving your plants enough room to grow their roots and will not decompose over time thus depleting soil nitrogen.
  • IMPROVES DRAINAGE – The biggest benefit of expanded perlite is that it provides space for both air and water within a soilless mix. Perlite retains water in three ways: in between individual grains, in channels leading to the cores of the grains, and on the highly irregular surfaces of each particle.