KAYSO Coarse Silica Sand


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10 lbs for Bonsai Cacti Succulent and Carnivorous Plant Mix, Horticulture Base Layer,Decoration, Plant Decor

  • BASE: Works great for Vases, Pots, plants, Walkways, Home Improvement and even Aquariums
  • MODERN DESIGN: Gives Fireplace, Walkways, Plants and Fish Tanks a new modern
  • SAFE, NON-TOXIC AND NATURAL: safe to be used with Plants, and Fish Tanks
  • COST-EFFETIVE ALTERNATIVE: Can be use instead of Lava Rocks or Fire Glass and will fill up more space volume compared to other base fillers
  • HORTICULTURAL SAND – Helps improve water drainage from soil

Kayso Brands Multi-purpose coarse silica sand is perfect for firepits, potting, arts & craft projects, and aquarium and other pet habitats. Firepits & Fireplaces Can be used indoor and outdoors.Does not product any toxic fumes or smoke.Use as a base in firepits or fireplaces, will give fire a aesthetically pleasing look. Bonsai Succulent Potting Coarse enough to use as drainage agent.  Won’t become compressed when wet.100% natural.Top dressing to stabilize plants.Keep the soil from shifting around.Mix with soil to help plants breathe.Improves drainage.Add as bottom pad in pots to help extra water flow out. Aquariums & Pet Habitats Beautifies aquarium environment.Feces of fish falls between the sand and stone, will not be stirred up by the swimming of fishWash before use, do not add any chemical cleaning agent. Arts & Craft / Decor Projects Coarse grain, suitable for various arts and crafts projects.Non-toxic, safe to use.Thoroughly washed, graded and kiln dried.