The RootSpa Kit


Supercharging Your Plants with Oxygen!

“It’s easy to tell when your plants are supercharged. You don’t need any fancy meter for that – it’s visually apparent. Every time you open the door to your garden your plants almost roar at you! The speed of their development is shocking – even over a single day – they are visibly taller, fuller, bigger, and happier. I love it when my garden is cranking like this.”

Supercharged plants. Sounds rather pleasant doesn’t it? But what exactly are we talking about? A supercharged growing environment is one where no single thing your plants need is in short supply. Think of it like a series of links in a chain. The rate of your plants’ development is only ever going to be as fast as the weakest link allows.

So what are these links? Well, the obvious examples include: plant genetics, light levels, temperature, CO2, and relative humidity. The not so obvious example is oxygen. This odorless, colorless gas plays a critical role in plant growth and bloom. In fact, despite being all around us, it could be the crucial component that is holding your plants back…

Let the RootSpa supercharge your plants!

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