TurboKlone T24 Cloner Turbo Mini Hydroponic Cloning System


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24 Site, Black

  • Quick start guide provides a few basics on TurboKlone set-up, operation & taking cuttings
  • Submersible Pump/Manifold provides a fine spray of continuous water & oxygen to your cutting
  • Fan/Shroud keeps the TurboKlone system cool & prevents over-heating
  • Designed for strength and easy cleaning via rounded edges
  • Klone site systems(up to 60% more sites than other systems of similar size)

TurboKlone Systems help you propagate a wide-variety of plants aeroponically – without the use of soil or other growing mediums. Using this aeroponic growing method, your plant cuttings – or “clones” -are suspended inside the TurboKlone where multiple spray jets send a continuous mist of nutrient-rich water solution to the clone roots, promoting the development of a healthy, robust root structure (nutrient solutions sold separately). When used as part of a controlled growing environment, TurboKlone helps to decrease root damage from pests and disease so your plants can grow healthier and more quickly than by traditional cloning methods. The TurboKlone is your first step in successful plant propagation. This streamlined, low-profile cloner gives you more growing sites in a sleek, space-saving footprint. Turboklone’s patented fan technology helps to keep the unit cool, combating high temperatures that can kill roots while its round-edged design allows you to clean the system quickly and thoroughly, keeping harmful bacteria at bay.