Can Filter 2600


With 15 years experience specializing in activated carbon odor control, Can-Filters designs and builds only the highest quality Activated Carbon air filter, using only Virgin Activated Carbon specially formulated to meet your job criteria.

Can-Filters provide one of nature's best odor control materials-activated carbon. This steam-activated carbon is selected as best for the job.

Activated Carbon works like a sponge absorbing problem molecules until it reaches a saturation point. No messy refilling needed. Use a high quality Inline Centrifugal Fan (Can-Fan) to exhaust out of ventilated area.

Can-Filters knows carbon, and brings that knowledge and experience to give you full odor removal in all of your hydroponic applications. All activated carbon is not created equal, and each type of application requires careful consideration to have a full 99.5% odor removal efficiency.

Max Recirculating (Scrubbing) CFM: 90 cfm / 142 m³h
Max Exhaust CFM: 42 cfm / 71 m³h @ 0.1 sec contact time
Prefilter: Yes
Mounting: Bayonet or Regular
Flange: 4″

Dimensions: (with pre-filter)
·Outside Diameter: 14cm / 5.5″
·Height: 45.3cm / 18″
·Total Weight: 4.5kg / 9lbs.
·Carbon Weight: 2.1kg / 4.63lbs
Pressure drop at max cfm: 42pa / .20″wg

Recommended Fans:
4″ LO Can Fan – 62 Watts – 88 CFM
6″ Axial Fan – n/a – n/a
4″ Axial Fan – n/a – n/a

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Weight 10 lbs