Advanced Nutrients Professional Grower Bundle Tarantula Nirvana Sensizym Plant Fertilizer Ph Balance, 1 L



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Advanced Nutrients Professional Grower Bundle Tarantula Nirvana Sensizym Plant Fertilizer

Tarantula – promotes naturally occurring growth factors that help to increase plant leaf & root mass for bigger yields. The beneficial bacteria in the liquid suspension will quickly colonize the growing medium & root system when applied with the nutrients in the bigger yields flowering system. The diverse species of bacteria in the formula form symbiotic (mutually beneficial) relationships with the growth medium & directly with the root system. Some of the bacterium selected are able to help reduce the effects of stresses in the root zone, convert organic residues to plant available substances & naturally release beneficial growth cofactors. Nirvana – Stimulates a higher metabolic rate of activity in crops that promotes faster growth rates & larger yields. Nirvana is formulated by combining organic bloom stimulants with premium quality compost tea. Water, nutrients, light energy, & carbon dioxide can be processed by the plant at faster rates, stimulating higher levels of production. Vitamins, carbohydrates, amino acids, & bloom cofactors created in the perfect balance of ratios trigger the plant to produce at a higher rate. Plants will tend to have tighter internodes through flowering, making better use of artificial light sources for higher yields. Sensizym – Proven to create healthier growing mediums, reduce food sources for pathogens, & improve nutrient availability in all types of growing systems. The blend of over 80 digestive enzymes contained in the formula are highly bioactive & are naturally occurring. The enzymes quickly digest fertilizers, decaying roots & other organic matter, converting it into a source of energy for plant growth. Growers using sensizym in their feeding program will keep root membranes cleaner & free of debris that can impede the rapid absorption of nutrients; creating bigger yields.
Serious growers with good level of cropping experience and growers moving up from expert grower level will increase their yields by an average of 33%
Growers who have mastered applying a variety of crop enhancers through the growing cycle will be able to follow the enhanced feeding program
The special combination of bacteria, enzymes, carbohydrates, humates, bloom cofactors and vitamins
Growers will have bigger root systems and bushier plants to support the extra demand