How To Hydroponics

Learning the basics to growing hydroponically can be confusing. I wanted to make simplify the process by creating some how-to information to help you understand the different hydroponic methods and which ones will help you get the results you desire.

The following is a list of pages that explain the different methods and how to use them correctly as well as what supplies you’ll be needing.

How – To Pages:

Aeroponic System
This is considered to be a superior method of growing plants.

Drip System
Yet another option for growing great fruits and vegetables.

Ebb and Flow System
This is very easy to do and it provides outstanding results.

Hand Water
This method is easier than you might think.

Hydroponic Wick System
A passive hydroponic method for growing fruits and vegetables.

NFT System
A great way to growing high quality fruits and vegetables.

Plant Cuttings
A worthwhile skill for any gardener.

Water Culture System
A relatively new method of cultivation which is growing in popularity.