AeroGarden Liquid Nutrients (1 Liter)



Price: $29.95 - $23.42
(as of Apr 17, 2023 18:54:32 UTC – Details)

AeroGarden Liquid Nutrients 1 Liter

Our Patented, specially formulated liquid nutrients provide better germination & growth. Use in your AeroGarden & for your other houseplants, too! Convenient liter size provides more than 100 AeroGarden feedings – a great value. Our organic pH buffering system is great for all hydroponic applications & will provide incredible growth for houseplants too! Add nutrients whenever you water for more consistent, faster growth. Benefits to you & your plants include: the improved release of critical micronutrients, nutrients instantly Available to plants, Long shelf life, & A perfect one-part nutrient solution for seedlings, vegetative growth & flowering.
Indoor gardening with an AeroGarden growing system provides water and food reminders to help plants thrive
Plant fertilizer is instantly available to plants and improves the release of critical micronutrients
This Indoor plant food is great paired with our Easy Feed Plant Food Nutrient Dispensers (sold separately) that provide precise measurements in milliliters
1 Liter food for plants has a long shelf life and provides more than 100 AeroGarden feedings