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With over 10 years of demonstrated excellence, Humboldts Secret has emerged as one of the major plant nutrient manufacturers and suppliers to the hydroponic/agriculture community in the United States. Become a friend of ours today!

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How did we get our start?

Humboldts Secret was founded by growers, for growers with the goal of making high quality nutrients and delivering them at affordable prices so that you can get maximum results and succeed as growers.

What makes our products unique?

All Humbodlts Secret products are made with the finest ingredients and 100% manufactured in our California based facility – meaning the highest quality, every time.

What problem are we solving?

We are in the business of making growing simpler and easier to succeed at.

Cost Savings: You need just a few drops of this concentrated solution for maximum effectiveness- which means one bottle can last a very long time. Better output, with minimal increase in your gardening cost! Humboldts Secret pH Down is up to 25% stronger than some leading competitors, meaning a little goes a long way.
Balanced Nutrient Solution & Optimal pH: Most plants enjoy a pH between 5.5 and 6.5. This pH decreaser is made with high-quality commercial-grade phosphoric acid and is 100% dye-free and additives-free, so it’s ideal for your beloved botanicals. To use, simply test your nutrient solution with a digital pH meter or pH tester strips, then balance your nutrient solution by using a few drops at a time of pH Down.
Versatile: Use pH Down for plants grown in all growing mediums including soil, water, hydroponic setups, coco, dwc, and more. pH Down is an essential part of your ph control supplies needed for a thriving garden.
Expert Made: Humboldts Secret products are designed by Growers for Growers. Achieve reliable results from our high quality pH Down made with the finest ingredients and proudly manufactured in our California based facility.