Air Quality Monitor, Professional & Accurate CO2, TVOC, HCHO, Humidity& Temperature Particle Counter, for Home, Office, School, Hotel, Car


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Air Quality Monitor Professional Accurate CO2 TVOC HCHO Humidity

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PinoTec Air Quality Monitor


Founded in 2000, with strong innovative power, we are a guardian helping people to monitor and improve their indoor air quality. Carefor team cares about your health, we will help you create a safer environment. Not only can we visualize the air so you can clearly understand the environment, but we will also propose systematic solutions for air purification.

Home Air Quality MonitorHome Air Quality Monitor

Home Air Quality Monitor

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【Accurate & Reliable】 Equipped with a fast-responding and sensitive high-performance chip, the air quality monitor can precisely capture the weak currents generated during electrochemical reactions. Dual color & voice alerts keep you informed of the current air quality conveniently.
【Low Power Alerts】Built with 1200mAh rechargeable battery and packaged with one 5V USB cable, the standby time can last for 10 hours. Never be anxious about low power.
【Safety Design】 The mesh design allows for better heat dissipation during operation, preventing the device from getting hot, and more accurate measurement data.
【Warm Notice】 Please notice that this air quality monitor is designed for indoor spaces, so please close the door & windows before testing. Or else the data may not be accurate. We recommend using the monitor and keeping it working for at least 60 minutes before reading the data.