VEVOR CO2 Burner


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4 Brass Burner CO2 Generator for Plant, Liquid Propane LP Carbon Dioxide Generator, 11178 BTU/Hr, Built-In Electronic Ignition, for Greenhouse Green Tent Hydroponic Room Grow Room

  • High Output CO2 Generator: This CO2 burner uses liquid propane as fuel, effectively producing sufficient carbon dioxide output to meet the maximum growing potential of plants. High output: 11178 BTU/hr, which can meet greenhouse and grow room carbon dioxide demand.
  • Electronic Ignition Design: Features automatic electronic ignition module, this CO2 generator for plants allows for instant lighting of the burners, eliminating open pilot flames. Plus, the solenoid valve ensures the gas does not leak, providing an operation of both convenience and security.
  • Specific Material for Humid Situation: The galvanized powder-coated shell is specially designed for the hydroponic environment, making the CO2 generator burner not easy to rust. In addition, 304 stainless steel plate can withstand high temperatures, and the copper tube is designed for long-lasting durability.
  • High Combustion Efficiency: Four brass burners, use liquid propane for a combustion reaction, produces plenty of carbon dioxide at a low cost. In addition, high combustion efficiency burners make clean and efficient CO2 delivery for high yield of plants. Plus, the tip-over warning design gives the CO2 generator an additional layer of security.
  • Diverse Application: Used for producing carbon dioxide, this liquid propane CO2 generator enriches carbon dioxide content for vegetable and flower planting in the greenhouse, gives remarkable increases in the yield of plants. Perfect for the greenhouse, green tent, hydroponic area, experimental field, and grow room.