AeroGarden Farm 24Basic with Salad Bar Seed Pod Kit – Indoor Garden with LED Grow Light, Black




Price: $695.00 - $655.14
(as of Apr 18, 2023 06:54:09 UTC – Details)

AeroGarden Farm 24Basic with Salad Bar Seed Pod Kit

Why wait for the perfect weather to have a great gardening day? Meet the AeroGarden Farm 24Basic, a hydroponic garden that allows you to grow 24 different herb, veggie, or flower varieties simultaneously and year-round, up to 12″ high. The indoor garden’s two 60W LED grow lights promote rapid plant growth and can be adjusted independently, so your large vegetables can fully mature while you also grow shorter herbs and flowers. The light settings, such as light intensity and the automatic sunrise/sunset feature, are fully customizable to match the schedule in your home. The easy-to-use touchscreen control panel displays all of your garden’s vital statistics and gives you reminders for when to add water and plant food. You can also control your garden’s settings remotely with the Farm 24Basic’s WiFi connectivity or the AeroGarden app. Not to mention, the included Salad Bar Seed Pod Kits grow a mixture of crisp heirloom lettuces, zesty herbs, and juicy vegetables that will keep your family wanting a salad with dinner every night.
Two fully customizable 60W LED grow lights give your plants the full spectrum of light they need to grow quickly – up to 5x faster than in soil
Automatic timer makes sure the lights go on and off at exactly the right time, digital screen tells you when to add water and plant food, and WiFi connectivity allows you to monitor and control your garden remotely
Adjustable grow height of 12“, and can be stacked with other Farm gardens for vertical gardening and maximizing growth potential
Includes two Salad Bar Seed Pod Kits, featuring 9 lettuce pods, 3 herb pods, and 12 tomato pods