Grodan 1.5″ Rockwool Starter Plugs, 2 Sheets of 49 Plugs (98 Plugs Total) + Twin Canaries Chart



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Grodan 15 Rockwool Starter Plugs 2 Sheets of 49 Plugs

Product Description

grodan rockwool stonewool hydroponics growing-mediagrodan rockwool stonewool hydroponics growing-media

A-Ok Starter Plugs are for starting seeds and rooting cuttings prior to plugging into larger Gro-Blocks.

The 1.5” size fits perfectly in the Gro-Smart tray as well as all our pre-drilled Gro-Blocks. One advantage of using the Gro-Smart tray is that it elevates the plugs above the waterline and ensures good airflow around the plugs. A-Ok plugs come labeled with instructions in a shrink-wrapped package that fits a standard 10 x 20 tray (flat).




Adjust the pH of water to 5.5. (NO LOWER). Use pH Down or lemon. Check with pH paper or meter.If soaking A-Ok plugs, Macroplugs, or Miniblocks, mix in a little bit of plant food. Then just dip the starter in this pH 5.5 mix and it’s ready for the seed or cutting.

After preparing your starters (A-Ok plugs, round Macroplugs, or Miniblocks) according to instructions in the soak section, plant your seed or cutting (clone). Make sure work area is clean and disease free. Dip cuttings in a rooting hormone beforehand.

Once the you see about 0.5-1″ of root growth below the plug, it is time to transplant. They can go straight into the GRO-BLOCK hole, as they do not have any wrapping on them. Your best bet is to transplant the starter plug into a 3″ or 4″ GRO-BLOCK.WHY? It is much easier to control the moisture level in a 3″-4″ GRO-BLOCK than a larger block. Just wait until the block feels really light before you water. Smaller blocks like these will keep an even moisture level in the entire block. Rule of thumb: water 15 minutes before the block goes dry.If you transplant into bigger blocks: It is essential to keep the upper part of the block moist by misting or watering sparingly.

Has a tremendous capacity for absorbing nutrient solution while retaining plenty of oxygen for rapid plant growth
Seedlings or cuttings started in the Grodan cubes can also be transplanted into more traditional planters and growing mediums
Twin Canaries Chart included with every order!