Rockwool 1.5″ Cubes x 196



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Rockwool 15 Cubes x 196

Rockwool is an extremely popular growing medium in the hydroponics community. It’s composed of two natural ingredients, basalt rock and chalk, that are heated to 3000 degrees Fahrenheit and “spun” and cooled, transforming it into a material that is perfect for a plant’s root zone. Rockwool is great at balancing moisture and oxygen, which provides a perfect middle ground to prevent over-watering or under-watering. Its fibers don’t restrict the accessibility of nutrients for the plant as it provides an ideal medium for nutrient uptake. Rockwool alone has no naturally occurring nutrition, so the plant depends totally on the nutrient solution you give it. Rockwool should be thoroughly soaked in pH balanced water before use. Most rockwool cubes have a pH of around 7.8, which is higher than the plant’s preferred levels of 5.5 – 6.5. Before soaking your cubes, test your water’s pH balance and adjust accordingly. You may use lemon juice to adjust down pH level or baking soda to adjust up the pH level. After balanced, add your cubes and let them soak for about an hour, or until thoroughly wet. Once your rockwool cubes are soaked, you’re ready to plant. A smart tip for seed placement is to wet the tip of a toothpick and “pick up” one seed with the wet end. Place the seed at the bottom of the hole while gently pressing it to one side. If you are planting two seeds, press the second seed to the opposite side of the bottom of the hole. Place your seeded rockwool cubes in a tray, such as our 1020 tray or 32-cell tray, and cover with the humidity dome to lock in moisture. What’s Next? In about 3 days, you will see your seeds starting to sprout and a couple of more days you will see first true leaves. Keep an eye on your plants and cubes. Feel the cubes every now and then and if they feel they are becoming dry, spray pH balanced water onto the cubes themselves.Product Description
Perfect for cutting, seed starter, clone plants, rooting plants, hydroponic gardening, garden tower, hydroponic system
Inorganic and sterile growing medium provide a make sure your plants have a better growth environment, increase germination rate
Retains moisture well, it retains oxygen well, it never impedes root growth
1.5″ rockrool is a perfect size for growing seed, they are firm enough to hold the shape well.