HORTIPOTS Aeroponic Clone Machine 48 Site for Plant Cuttings Propagation Using 2 in Neoprene Inserts



Price: $159.95
(as of Apr 18, 2023 23:40:59 UTC – Details)

HORTIPOTS Aeroponic Clone Machine 48 Site for Plant Cuttings Propagation

HortiPots Cloning Machines series 24 site/ 48 site/ 96 site series. Wider Clone Spacing for Plant Cuttings than Clone Machine 35 /70/ 140 series 
Please purchase 2 inch Cloning Collars (48~48.3 mm diameter) ,Soft or Hard, from HortiPots when you want to replace used Cloning Collars. Other sizes of Clone Collars are NOT totally right for our Aeroponic Cloning System. 
Made from durable BPA-free 100% new ABS and PP material. Comes with all parts needed including clear humidity dome to plug and play, just add a light on top.
This unit do NOT include clone solutions and rooting gels. 
WARRANTY: The chosen water pumps for our cloning machines are UL-safety-approved and produced by a professional pump supplier, who also produce for U.S. major brand-names of Aquarium pumps. However, water pumps alike products in the field might have around 0.1 % defective rate for different reasons. If it happened to you that water pump dies for any reason within 1 year of receipt date, please write us giving your address, phone number, and name at Amazon emailing system, so that we can send you a new pump to replace it immediately without your returning it back.
At the same time, we always have a few water pumps and aeroponic manifolds of all models stocked at FBA warehouse so that growers can get the parts when needed any time. Thank you so much.
Our Water Pumps and patent-pending Manifolds MD9-35 MD48-70 MD96-140 are sold thousands to U.S. market and AUS since 2016 without major quality issues. HortiPots’ Manifolds (spray heads) are tested 100% at the factory. If they work NOT right for your cuttings, please return the whole unit and get a refund, thank you!
PROPAGATION DOME INCLUDED: Our plant cloning system comes with all parts needed including Clear Humidity Dome preventing leaf transpiration and initial transplant shock in the first few hours of cloning, especially in dry growing environment
WORKS GREAT WITHOUT AIR PUMP: Multiple cords outlets and air venting/ circulating design on top lid needs no air pumping to get extra oxygen in and hot air out of growing chamber while patent pending spray manifold requires smaller water pump and generate less heat in water
AEROPONIC PROPAGATOR CLONING SYSTEM 48 Site using popular 2 INCH NEOPRENE COLLARS: Root your cuttings in 4-10 days and consistent 100% success rate one clone after clone. Relax and wait HortiPots Cloning Machine gives you the easiest cloning experience ever. With easy to follow assembly guide and clone tips to make cloning a simple operation
This 48 Site Clone Machine is using 2 inch clone collars, and 35/70/140 site using 1-5/8 inch collars