Lawnful 2 Hydroponic Buckets Kit for Plants, Hydroponics Growing System for Herbs/Tomato/Vegetables, DWC System with Air Pump & Germination Tray (Complete Indoor Hydroponic Gardening Supplies)




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Lawnful 2 Hydroponic Buckets Kit for Plants Hydroponics Growing System

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IDEAL HYDROPONIC BUCKET KITS: 2x Hydroponic Buckets (10L/2.6 gal), 2x Water Level Indicators, help you better manage the hydroponics process. With each bucket Lid with 5 Growing Pods, you can grow 5 plants in one bucket. The water level indicator shows when the Bucket needs to be refilled.
EFFICIENT AIR PUMP KITS: Air Pump with 2 outlets, includes 2x Check Valve, 2x Air Stone, 2x 5ft Air Tubing. Large air outlet, adjustable air flow is up to 1L/min and UP TO 265 gallons. Air Stone is an ideal way to add oxygen to your hydroponic growing system and create tiny bubbles rather than bigger ones. Oxygenation of hydroponic reservoirs using air pumps is vital for the health of root system.
HELPFUL GERMINATION KITS: 1x Germination Tray, 12x Grow Sponges, 12x Grow Baskets, 8x Sponge cube. The Grow Sponges are pH-balanced plant sponges and contain micronutrients to promote healthy root growth. Germination Tray contains 12-cell Tray and Vented Humidity Dome, which help regulate moisture and temperature for germinating seeds.
An ideal budget for any hydroponic grower! Total Hydroponic Supplies in One Package. Space Saving Design for your balcony, greenhouse, garden or rooftop. (IDEAL FOR GROW TENT, BEST POT SIZE FOR AUTOFLOWER!)