Safer Gro SG9920QT Ph Down Lowers Water




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Safer Gro SG9920QT Ph Down Lowers Water

Ph down is an additive designed for use where the pH needs to be lowered into a more acidic range. The organic acid present in pH down gently lowers the pH of water making nutrients more available & increasing uptake. More plants thrive at slightly acidic conditions. Unlike other hazardous pH lowering agents pH down is safe to handle & is suitable for use in organic food production. Ph down has several functions – compatibility agent Acidifier activator & chelator. It is an organic based material that is natural & environmentally friendly.Features. Ph reducer solution. Corrects hard water prevents precipitation with ca Mg etc.. Helps prevent clogging of equipment. Removes scale & hard water deposits. Compatibility agent. Biological activator. Increases the availability of nutrients. Size – 1 quart
Corrects hard water; prevents precipitation with ca, mg, etc.
Helps prevent clogging of equipment
Removes scale and hard water deposits
Compatibility agent
Organic certified