Active Aqua 0.5 Inch Inside Diameter Black Vinyl Tubing for Indoor Vegetation Growing Hydroponic Irrigation Systems and Tanks, 100 Feet




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(as of Apr 19, 2023 22:30:24 UTC – Details)

Active Aqua 05 Inch Inside Diameter Black Vinyl Tubing for

Customize an existing set-up or create a new one, the Active Aqua 0.5-Inch Inside Diameter Black Hydroponic Irrigation Tubing is just what you need. This easy-to-cut vinyl tubing can be used in irrigation systems and tanks to complete your hydroponic systems. Whether you are reconfiguring your current system or just getting started you need reliable tubing. This tubing can be cut to the length you need and still remains strong and reliable. Keep on hand for instant access or repairs to your irrigation system. Hydroponics allows you to grow your plants and crops anywhere by skipping the soil and weather. Grow indoors with this revolutionary way of producing greenery with greater yields and fewer resources. Reliable tubing is necessary in any hydroponic system, and this 100-foot roll of vinyl tubing is just what you need to get started or replace your current tubing. Join the hype of hydroponics with the reliable Active Aqua Hydroponic Irrigation Tubing.
EASY-TO-CUT: Easy to cut to needed size while still remaining strong and reliable
USE FOR REPAIRS: Keep on hand for instant access and repairs to your irrigation system
RELIABLE TUBING: Reliable tubing that allows you to customize your irrigation system
SPECIFICATIONS: Material: Vinyl; Inside diameter: 0.5 inches; Outside diameter: 0.65 inches; Dimensions (L): 100 feet