DWC Cloner Rooting Recirculating System 24 Site Cutting Clone and Seeding Root 2 in 1 Deep Water Cloner 24 Site with Clear Humidity Propagation Dome (Black)



Price: $74.95
(as of Apr 19, 2023 09:23:12 UTC – Details)

DWC Cloner Rooting Recirculating System 24 Site Cutting Clone and

HortiPots Cloning and Seedling 2 in 1 System 24 site made from durable BPA-free 100% new ABS and PP material. 

You could use this kit to seedling or cloning with or without included 2 inch net cups. 

Comes with all parts needed including Clear humidity dome with vent caps to plug and play, just add a light on top and grow media you prefer.

Replacements of patent-pending two-layered Clone Collars and 2 inch Net Pots as well as Air Pump Oxygen Bubbler Kit could be found at our Amazon store
The one and only DWC CUTTING CLONE SYSTEM and DWC SEED ROOTING SYSTEM 2 IN 1 KIT on the market. With easy to follow assembly guide and clone tips to make cloning a simple operation. After cuttings or seeds root and reach out into water level, plants can grow in it without daily maintenance until transplanting.
Thermoformed HUMIDITY DOME included: Our plant seedling and cutting system 24 site using Deep Water Culture Technology comes with all parts needed including clear soild Humidity Dome preventing leaf transpiration and initial transplant shock in the first few hours of cloning, especially in dry growing environment.
MAX. OXYGEN-RICH WITHOUT WATER PUMP: UNIQUE OXYGEN BUBBLE TUBING KIT generates millions air bubbles with dissolved oxygen every minute into rooting area. NO CLOGGING & NO HEATING Air Injection in water by air tube and air pump for healthy root development oxygen means faster, healthier rooting.
HortiPots Air Diffusing DWC Bubbler series is specially made to OUT-PERFORM AIR STONE type of products on the market. Because ours delivers EVENLY dissolved oxygen, and encourge EVENLY growth results.