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Mouse RepellentUltrasonic Pest RepellerRodent RepellentMice Repellent Plug ins Rodent Squirrels Repellent

Product Description

Rodent RepellentRodent Repellent

Multi-functional Mice Repellent Plug-ins Effective Modes to Deter Rodents and insects

4-In-1 Rodent Repellent provides protection for your home and property against rodent defense. The rodent repellent is equipped with 3 speakers emitting different sounds to cause intense auditory stress to rodents, and 9 powerful LED strobe lights to target their eyesight, creating a hostile environment for them to live in and discouraging them from entering the area protected.

mouse repellentmouse repellent

Non-Toxic Rodent Control

A chemical- free, toxin- free and out of the way solution to repelling pests and rodents from your home. No more worrying about family inhaling chemical repellants or kids picking up rodent and bug traps.Rodent repellents stay out of the way inside virtually any outlet, with no sound, no scent and no need to be replaced.

ultrasonic pest repellerultrasonic pest repeller

Long-last Ultrasonic Pest Repeller, Effective for Repelling Nasty Pests Indoors

Week 1: Plugs the ultrasonic mouse repeller into outlet in the room where rodent activity is suspectedWeek 2: Continuously emits ultrasounds and impulse at a high frequency that causes pests discomfortWeek 3: The ultrasonic pest repeller causes long-term neurological damage to pestsWeek 4: It works effectively, cleans up after, and leave you with a pest-free environment

squirrel repellentsquirrel repellent

insect repellentinsect repellent

mice repellentmice repellent

bug repellentbug repellent

TEST(with Blue light )

Test tone, to check if the device can work, no ultrasound will be detected under this setting. Please do not use this mode.

ULTRA ( with Blue light )

Ultrasonic, the two speakers will emit variable-frequency ultrasonic waves with a frequency between 22kHz and 33kHz.

TRANS ( with Green light )

Pressure wave , the transmitter will emit a pressure wave. The frequency is stable between 23.5kHz~24.5kHz.

DUO ( Blue & Green light )

ULTRA mode and TRANS mode works at the same time.

rodent repellent indoor ultrasonicrodent repellent indoor ultrasonic

Pest Repellent Ultrasonic Plug in, Easy to Use and Creates A Comfortable Environment for the Family

With wide coverage, and a simple setup, these pest repellent ultrasonic plugins are designed to be placed easily indoors, wherever in the attic, garage, kitchen, living room, bedroom, warehouse, hotel, barn, and so on

As we know, the ultrasonic waves could not penetrate through walls, though our unit works great, we still recommend installing one Virine pest repellent in each room

pest repellent ultrasonic plug inpest repellent ultrasonic plug in


Ultrasound Frequency 22KHz-65KHz Input Voltage AC 100-240V Working Voltage DC 9V DB Value 100-125dB Emmission Angle 360° Effective Coverage Up to 1600 square foot Target Species rats, mice, squirrels, cockroaches, spiders and more rodents

[Safe & Pest Control Solution]: Non-toxic, radiation, harmful chemicals, Odorless, Inaudible and 100% Safe to human and pets. The ultrasonic pest repellent repel pests away without killing them, say goodbye to mouse traps, mouse mats, mouse poison, spray glue traps, roach motels, rat poison, rat traps and insect sprays
[How it works]: Ultrasonic Rodent Repeller consists of a transducer and dual speakers, emits high impact pressure wave and 25KHz-60KHz changing ultrasonic sounds, 9 LED strobe lights disturbs rodents’ eyesight in a dark environment, being extremely irritating to rodents and pests thus causing them to scramble to find a peaceful area, and will be forced to leave your home
[Wide Coverage Area]: Effectively repels rats, mice, squirrels, cockroaches, spiders and more rodents and pests. The Ultrasonic Pest Repeller is effective within an indoor area up to 1600 sq. ft so so no worry your room is too big to cover. It’s widely used in homes, warehouses, offices, gardens, hotels, etc
[Efficient Protection of Property]: Place the pest repeller rat repellent in the Attic, Garage, Basement, Room, Storage, RV, or any indoors 100-240v available; Save your money for rodent control, and prevent your property in mice damage, repelling squirrels, mice, rats, and bats from your home, get peace of mind by a simple way
[Long-lasting Rodent Deterrent Process]: Sometimes the rodents may be more active during the beginning of use showing that the rodents are irritated; After a prolonged period (up to a month), the squirrel, mice, and rats will begin to disappear from where they live in; Please make sure the ultrasonic mouse repellent be plugged continuously to keep them away