How To Build A GrowBox

Building a Growbox

Building a growbox is a simple process that can be accomplished using a few basic tools and supplies. Here is one example of how to build a growbox.


Growbox Supplies

plywood or flat boards
nails or screws
hook screws or eye hooks
box cutter
hole saw
computer fan or small exhaust fan

Putting together your growbox

The first thing you will need to decide on is the size of your growbox. This is going to be determined by the space you’ll be using it in. A closet is probably the most popular place. I have also seen them used in garages and/or sheds. Keep in mind, that if you plan on using a growbox indoors, (like your house) you may need to vent the room you’re growing in to keep the smell and/or heat and humidity to a minimum.

Use the 2×4’s to build a frame (example above) and create the “shell” using plywood or whatever cover you’d like. I have seen coverings built with any number of items such as plywood, hardwood boards, and even tarp. Adding a 3rd 2×4 down the center of the top part of the frame works great for inserting couple of hook screws or eye hooks to hang your lights.

If you are growing in a cool environment, then I’d recommend using styrofoam boards as insulation because it’s easy to clean, and easy to cut to the right size.

You will need to cut a hole on top so that you can vent the humid air out of the growbox. You can use a computer fan or a small exhaust fan to accomplish this.

If you’re using HID lighting, then make sure to put your ballast outside of the growbox to help keep the heat to a minimum. Get yourself a light reflector that has an air attachment to connect fans for ventilation. Also, make sure your reflector has a glass cover to prevent water from reaching the hot bulb.

A 2nd small fan to push the air around would also be a good idea. You can add a thermostat for the fans if you like or just use a timer. Humidity will build up fast, so make sure your exhaust fan will be on for a large part of the 24 hour cycle.

If on the other hand you are using this growbox for your clones, then skip the part about the fans. Humidity is exactly what you need to grow clones. Again, make sure you have insulation and are cloning at the right temperature.

Building your own growbox is easy to do and can be very rewarding. Hopefully this post will help get you on your way to achieving your indoor goals.

If you’re not interested in building your own growbox or just simply don’t have the time, then consider using our Lighthouse Indoor Greenhouse .

Happy Growing!

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