How To Plant Seeds Using Hydroponics

Plant Seeds using Hydroponics

Most people like plant seeds this time of year, so let’s discuss how to do it using hydroponics.

plant seeds

For this explanation we’re going to plant seeds using rockwool cubes. Other options would be to use composted root plugs or even just a soilless mixture of 50% perlite and 50% vermiculite.
These products can be purchased separately or as a complete system.

Supplies to Plant Seeds

1gal prepared nutrient mix
rockwool starter plugs
propagation tray
propagation dome
seedling heat mat
heat mat thermostat
fluorescent light (optional)

Step by Step to Plant Seeds

Step 1)
Choose your seeds.

Pre-soak your rock wool cubes or soilless mix.

Step 3)
Use a toothpick to poke a small hole into the top of the rock wool or mix.

Step 4)
Put seed into small hole.

Step 5)
Place rock wool cube into tray and tray onto the heating mat.

Step 6)
Cover seed tray with clear dome.

Step 7)
Place small amount of water in tray to help keep humidity up.

Step 8)
Set thermostat to correct temperature. (usually 79F to 81F)

Step 9)
Remove dome when seeds begin to germinate. After your seeds germinate, you can then decide if you’re going to use some lights, the sun or a combination of both to grow your plants.

Seeds can be found at our online store or at your local garden store. You can also try Wal-Mart or Home Depot.

Using the sun in combination with hydroponics is a great way to grow fruits and vegetables. Once you’re familiar with the process of how to plant seeds using hydroponics, I’m sure you’ll be amazed with the results.

Happy Growing!

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  1. How much time and how big do plants need to be before transfer to a drip system? Starting from seed and had some failed attempts and I think it is because my plant was too young – small

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